Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How to implement a task

Here is I tried to describe what I require from my subordinaries for task implementation.

During obtaining the task it's necessary to do the following:
1. Listen attentively.
2. Think
3. Write a letter in which you should indicate the following:
a) Task description
b) Splitting task to subtasks with short description of solution (if non trivial)
c) Estimation of the task with division to subtasks
4. Send e-mail and start implementation (but only after you fix remarks and bugs or write tests)
5. Approve the task (by receiving comments and approval of estimation)

Task is considered as completed if:
1. Unit tests are written
2. Task is implemented completely.
3. Whats New information file is filled
4. Files are commited to Version Control System.
5. If necessary, correspondent paragraph is added to project knowledge base.

Before starting implementation of the task (after writing task description letter to manager), following steps should be performed:
1. Fix all Critical and Major errors.
2. Fix all remarks that are not marked as POSTPONED

I hope this will help you to organize your work.

Please, advice me what could be improved here.


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